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I will be giving a lightning talk Iconography & Responsive Web Design at the following events, there will be a great lineup of speakers and will be a fantastic event!

Registration information is below. 

Puget Sound World Usability Day

Puget Sound World Usability Day is a one day event where Seattle area professional, industrial, educational, citizen, and government groups come together for a common objective: to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use. The event is sponsored by local leading companies and educational institutions. The event is free and open to everyone. We welcome both new and seasoned developers, designers, usability researchers and any interested in improving the User Experience.

It is about celebration and education – celebrating the strides we have made in creating usable products and educating the masses about how usability impacts our daily lives.

It is about making our world work better. It is about reaching out to the common citizen and spreading the message: Human error is a misnomer – we don’t have to put up with products and services that don’t work well.

World Usability Day 2014: November 13, 2014
Join us, Main program from 12pm–6:30pm, networking social 6:30pm-7:30pm
at the Husky Union Building (HUB) Ballroom, University of Washington, Seattle

This year’s theme is: Engagement

User Experience is all about engagement. Technology, products and services are usable when they engage people. At work we strive to engage with those around us—whether they’re users, colleagues, or stakeholders. It means getting people on board with an idea, earning trust, and working toward mutual goals. We all know how challenging that can be.

This is the year to think out of the box. How can you engage people to use technology products and services? What kind of design thinking needs to be incorporated, to keep people engaged? How can you engage those outside our field, to understand the importance of a good user experience? Can we engage people to help changes those things that are not working well?

Our 2014 Lineup is looking great, take a look to see what’s in store.

Register Here!

$10 (Educator/Student)
$22.50 (Professionals)
$10 (Seeking Work)

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